Goodfellas Pizzeria

Living Very, Very Large

Few have dined with the mafia and made it out alive, but don’t let their unblinking gaze unnerve you. Through the doors of Goodfellas Pizzeria, the great Hollywood dons stare down from their frames on the walls. They’ll glare as you order a massive slice of hand-tossed New York–style pizza from behind the glass showcase, lined with whole pies ready to be devoured piece by piece, glistening with grease and gooey cheese. The monstrous slices—big enough to hide Jimmy Hoffa’s body—require two paper plates each. There are the customary and satisfying cheese and pepperoni options, but after trying the Taste of Naples, loaded with fresh mozzarella, vibrant basil, and sliced tomatoes, you’ll think twice before going back to the old standbys. Artichoke and spinach cover another slice to create a crisp, Mediterranean flavor, while more carnivorous patrons can sample the sloppy and savory cheeseburger pizza, topped with plenty of bacon and ground beef. A lunch special makes all this gluttony permissible, at least as far as your wallet is concerned. The deal includes one slice of pizza, a drink, and a side or dessert for only $6. Choose from a trio of salads or take the cannoli for a sweeter finish (ominous car ride to an empty field not required). And if you really want to live large, order one of the mammoth 2-foot-long bread sticks. No joke. Serving up “A Slice of New York City” since last June, Goodfellas is a great place to grab a quick midday carb fix. Just be sure to keep your eyes on your own plate. Capisce?

Goodfellas Pizzeria, multiple locations, (859) 916-5209,

Originally published in the April 2013 issue.

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