No. 5—a.k.a. “Doritos”

I’m still young enough that my college days aren’t far behind me. The chances to relive that college lifestyle, however, are becoming much more infrequent (and far less socially acceptable). Fortunately, Gilpin’s Steamed Sandwiches is helping to preserve those undergraduate nights when your metabolism could afford a little late-night snacking—and was generally preceded by one or four adult beverages. The East Seventh Street outpost, owned by Miami University graduate Brad Gilpin and inspired by Oxford’s Bagel and Deli Shop, has found its niche as one of the few downtown eateries open after last call, serving patrons Tuesday through Saturday until at least 3 a.m. (in addition to breakfast and lunch all week from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.). The massive menu of steamed-only sandwiches, burgers, grilled cheese, and more even allows you to build (and name) your own creation, though after exiting the bars, it’s generally easier to go with one of the more tried-and-true options. Chief among those is the No. 5, or simply “Doritos” as the kids call it, with moist turkey topped by melted cheddar, lettuce, a creamy combo of honey mustard and Parmesan peppercorn ranch, and, as you might assume, a mound of crushed Doritos. All piled between a pretzel bun. It’s not likely to win any culinary awards, and can get a tad soggy. But when you need something in the wee hours to stick to your ribs (and soak up the booze), Gilpin’s won’t disappoint. With that steamy haze and fuzzy brain, it’ll taste just like being back on campus.

Gilpin’s Steamed Sandwiches, 37 E. Seventh St., downtown, (513) 421-4223,

Originally published in the April 2013 issue.

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