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Paula’s Cafe

Beyond the orange barrels awaits the perfect patty.

The Hit King’s New Pastimes

Twenty-five years ago this month, Pete Rose was banished from baseball. We chart how the former Charlie Hustle has spent his self-induced retirement.

Snack Attack: Deviled Eggs

Madeira Choice Meats makes these devilish delights just like grandma did.

Tableside with Jeremy Luers

When the Phoenix re-branded last summer, chef Jeremy Luers was there to lead the restaurant out of the proverbial ashes

24 Hours In The Pit

The restaurant may close, but the smoking never stops.

St. Rita Fest

What started as “visiting day” for students and their families back in 1916 has morphed into the mother of all Cincy church festivals.

The Exile

Kostya Kennedy went looking for the once and future Hit King and brought back a deep, nuanced portrait of a fallen sports hero stuck in limbo. A conversation with the author on what we think of Pete Rose now.

He’s So Dope

Before he was DJ Clockwork, spinning discs for rapper Mac Miller and lighting up the airwaves and MTV, he was Garrett Uddin, spinning discs at UC parties and sparking up in his off-campus apartment. A modern-day Horatio Alger story. With weed.

Truckin’: Marty’s Waffles

After six months and about 2,000 trial runs on a flimsy waffle iron from Target, Marty Meersman finally perfected a stellar secret recipe.