Sonny’s Three Meat Burger

Three for All

Just a when you think they’ve run out of good restaurant ideas, along comes Sonny’s Three Meat Burger. Owners Safet and Dee Sabanagic have staked their reputations on a burger made with beef, lamb, chicken, and spices from the old country. In this case the old country happens to be Bosnia. The burger is reminiscent of a spiced Serbian meat dish called Chevapchichi. It’s full of flavor and comes in sizes from gigunda down to sliders. The toppings are many and free, including the house sauce, which is similar to ajvar, a roasted red pepper spread made especially for these meat spices. Add a monster order of home-cut fries and you’re in for that “I’m so stuffed I can’t move” immobility that’ll last all the way to dinner. Honestly, the big burger and fries will fill two, or one person with two stomachs. (OK, you’re doubting that, but what if they had a stomach transplant and the surgeon accidentally left the old one in? It happens on reality TV.)

Though the 3MB is the specialty, the menu offers a homemade veggie burger, fresh egg and goetta sandwiches for breakfast, and even chili. I’ll warn you that the chili has proven to be very popular and they often run out by dinner time. So what’s the secret of Bosnian chili? As you would expect, it’s a secret and neither the smiling Dee nor Safet are telling. It’s nice to see a new place with passionate owners intent on making it with a unique take on an American tradition. And yes, there is a Sonny. He’s their toddler son, and you can expect he’ll grow up to proudly flip your burger.

Sonny’s Three Meat Burger
7863 Beechmont Ave.
(513) 474-5111
Prices: $5-9. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days.

Originally published in the August 2012 issue

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