Travelogue: The Inn at Honey Run


Photo by Jumping Rock Photography, courtesy The Inn at Honey Run

Feel like dropping off the grid for a minute? There’s something to be said about a teeny cabin set deep in the snow-blanketed countryside. Millersburg’s Inn at Honey Run offers some very unique, extra-secluded lodging options: The Honeycombs. These rooms are built right into the hillside, and are about as cozy as cozy gets (case in point: each room gets its own fireplace and a patio overlooking the hillside).

The Honeycombs in warmer months

Photo courtesy The Inn at Honey Run

The pristine views aren’t the only reason to visit Honey Run during the colder months: Through the winter and early spring, the Inn at Honey Run’s resident sheep will be welcoming new baby lambs.

The Inn has a lot to offer (see aforementioned NEWBORN LAMBS), but there’s plenty to see when you emerge from your hibernation: the Amish country just a short drive away has shops, restaurants, and even an Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center, for those looking to take in the history.

The Inn at Honey Run, 6920 County Road 203, Millersburg, Ohio, (330) 674-0011,

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