CM’s Best Stories of 2014

In case you missed the last 12 months with us, we present our favorite CM feature stories of 2014:

The Evans Family is Living in This World
The death of Cosmic Pizza owner Rich Evans threw the lives of his wife and children into chaos. It also landed them in the arms of an extraordinary group of strangers.

The Evans Family Is Living In This World, by Linda Vaccariello
Illustration by Victo Ngai

Illustration by Victo Ngai


Our Nimble Lass
Back in March, a few of us here at the magazine got e-mails from friends who had seen an intriguing item listed on eBay. “1930s stripper/dancer scrapbook—Cincinnati,”  the posting announced, “Jean Harlow’s double.”  So we bought it. But who was she?

Photographs by Anna Jones/OMS

Photographs by Anna Jones/OMS


An oral history of The Beast

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer


He’s So Dope
Before he was DJ Clockwork, spinning discs for rapper Mac Miller and lighting up the airwaves and MTV, he was Garrett Uddin, spinning discs at UC parties and sparking up in his off-campus apartment. A modern-day Horatio Alger story. With weed.

Photographs by Scott Council

Why Isn’t This Man Smiling?
Senior Editor RJ Smith goes behind the scenes at City Hall to see what life with Mayor John Cranley is really like.

Photographs by Jonathan Willis

Photograph by Jonathan Willis


Wussy: Battle Cries & Butterflies
What keeps Cincinnati’s greatest band 630 miles from Saturday Night Live starts with their piss-take name, alt-country tinge, and uncool passion for bad romance.

Photograph by Michael Wilson


Man of Letters
Chuck Keiger painted signs that sprawled across billboards, covered towering brick walls, and marked cop cars, batting helmets,and porn shops. A son remembers his brush with fame.

Photograph provided by Dale Keiger


The Increasingly Complicated Trials of Tracie Hunter
God, politics, race, and  the judge everybody talks about but nobody knows.

Illustration by Matthew Green

Illustration by Matthew Green


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