Our 6 Favorite Things about the Marauders Trailer


The Marauders movie crew came and went without much fanfare—at least not as much as we’ve had from Clooney, Gosling, Blanchett, Cheadle, et. al. And yet the final film appears fully embedded in its setting: Cincinnati. Rather than stand in for 1950s New York (or 1970s New York…), we actually get to play ourselves. Our city—with its gritty streets, historic buildings, and totally decent skyline—practically has a supporting role. For every glass-smashing bank heist in the trailer, you get a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it view of an intersection, bridge, or building facade.

We tracked through the two-minute clip to find our favorite Queen City shout-outs:

1. It’s t-minus 5 seconds from the scenic Roebling bridge opening shot to the iron-faced killers. Score one for editing efficiency.

2. Part of the film takes place in downtown’s Dixie Terminal, the setting of the fictional (and, spoiler alert, probably evil) Hubert National Bank. Despite the fact that Dixie has been a train station and a stock exchange since its opening on Fourth Street in 1921, many Cincinnatians walk past it every day without noticing its bright blue, barrel-vaulted, Rookwood-tiled ceiling. The terminal is an historic gem hidden in plain sight, and Marauders shows it off nicely.

3. Cincinnati looks perpetually rainy. No idea how they pulled that off. But it’s cool, since it makes us look all brooding and Gotham-esque. And it strikes the right tone, since Bruce Willis spends the entire movie smirking and smashing coffee tables with baseball bats.

4. 51 seconds in: Spring Grove Cemetery cameo? Probably!

5. Spotted: A Local 12 news van, the Big Mac bridge (out of Hubert’s office window), Pendleton Street (:41) and what we think must be the extremely badass Stock Yards Bank vault.

6. At 1:52, we get a beauty shot of Carew Tower, one of the coolest Art Deco buildings in the land. As far as we’re concerned Carew=Cincinnati.


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