Live at the Lodge: Reds Misery and Burgers

The Reds are not going to be very good at baseball this year. Vegas has their expected season win total set at 71, which actually seems optimistic given the fact that any member of the opening day rotation could walk down the street without even so much as a second glance from diehard Reds fans. The future may look bleak, as Craig Fehrman writes in the April issue, but still, Opening Day is at least a fun, unique Cincinnati spectacle. And even when the team is lousy, going to GABP on a warm summer evening can still be a good time. We talk about the upcoming baseball season and our burger preferences, meet a new friend, and also touch on the April feature package, which asks this question: just how Catholic is Cincinnati? Oh, and there’s also an embarrassing amount of discussion about ’90s boy bands.

This episode was recorded live at the Overlook Lodge in Pleasant Ridge on Monday, March 28. To attend our next live recording, stop by the Overlook Lodge again on Monday, April 25 at 7 pm. And pretty please don’t forget to give us a kind rating and review on iTunes to boost our confidence.

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