Holy Cross-Immaculata Mt. Adams Festival


Come summer, there’s no one more sanctified than a parishioner who’s also a retired restaurateur. At Holy Cross-Immaculata’s annual party, the faithful queue up for a chicken dinner cooked by Dixie Cherrington, a church member and former owner of the eponymous and much-mourned Mt. Adams bistro. Miss out and you can content yourself with corn on the cob, tacos, and a hot grill serving some superb Italian sausage.  Silent auction items reflect the tasteful vibe: tempting goodie baskets, memberships, and tickets from Eden Park’s arts organizations; and for serious shoppers, framed prints and a beautiful 12-string Alvarez guitar. Just don’t expect amusement rides. The big deal here is music. Bands such as L.A. rockers Crash Kings and Nico Vega, as well as local faves the Modulators, Buffalo Killers, Ricky Nye & the Red Hots, the Modulators, and Gee Your Band Smells Terrific, have all played the fest. 30 Guido St., Mt. Adams, 2011.hciparish.org

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