We Found the Latest Wedding Dress Trends

We spotlight some beautiful wedding fashion trends as seen on Cincinnati brides.


Clean Silhouette

Benjamin Bessler and Alexandra Lonnemann at Hotel Covington.

Photograph by Tire Swing Photography

Soft Shades

Mary Patten Sharp at her home.

Photograph by Neysa Ruhl Photography

Katie Jones at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati.

Photograph by Amanda Donaho Photography

Tsvety Karaivanova and Latif Banire in an alley behind the 21c Museum Hotel.

Photograph by Jonathan Gibson Photography

Lovely Lace and Length

Jens Sutmoller and Jenni Kim at Cheapside Cafe.

Photograph by Eleven:11 Photography

Jen Leetch and Brian Muehlenkamp at Molloy’s on the Green.

Photograph by Eleven:11 Photography

Kate Boggs at Cincinnati Nature Center.

Photograph by Caroline Koehler Photography

The Capelet

Leah Shields in a family friend’s backyard.

Photograph by Eleven:11 Photography

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