Take The Cake (Away)

A Spoon Fulla Sugar cookies

There’s a whole lot to love about a wedding cake. But if six layers of buttercream just isn’t your jam, then try some of these unconventional desserts:

Stackable, packable, and beloved by all, cookies are a fun and unfussy substitute for cake. With practically limitless potential—you can do anything from hand-decorated monogrammed cookies to chocolate chip cookies on milk-filled martini glasses—it’s nearly impossible to go wrong. It’s also an easy way to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions, as cookies can easily be made dairy-free, nut-free, or gluten-free. Pro tip: Send leftover cookies home with guests as favors.

Dessert Bar
Think of it as a buffet with only desserts (and tell us any guest would complain about that.) Dessert bars are hot right now and there are many sweet possibilities: French macarons, chocolate-dipped fruits, bite-sized pies or tarts, gourmet s’mores, brownies, mini cupcakes, whoopee pies…Need we say more? Bonus: A dessert bar can be seasonally themed to complement your date (Fall wedding? An array of caramel apples and apple turnovers, pies, fritters, and donuts are the perfect autumnal go-to. )
Tres Belle Cakes

This is one time when we’re totally down with being cheesy. If you want the look of a traditional wedding cake but prefer your desserts rich and creamy, a cheesecake is the perfect option. Mix and layer multiple flavors—think caramel apple, and peanut butter, or mocha, dark chocolate, and raspberry—to provide variety. (Ahem: Local cheese-cakery J. Annette’s offers 32 different flavors.) Expect your guests to return for seconds.

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