#InstaLove: Off-Beat Wedding Buffets


Whether it’s for a bridal shower or cocktail hour, these casual-yet-cool themed buffets are super easy to whip up and fun to eat.

1. Mac n’ Cheese Bar

The ubiquitous mac n’ cheese dish isn’t just for kids. A quirky alternative to the popular mashed potato bar, mac can be made with gourmet cheeses (think Gruyère, bacon truffle, or smoked mozzarella cheese) and piled high with ham, bacon, scallions, grilled veggies, salsa, or ranch dressing, to name a few.


2. Waffle Bar

Perfect for brunch—but really, you can’t go wrong at any time of day—serve up a variety of waffles (whole grain, blueberry, buttermilk) and let guests top their Belgian canvas with traditional staples like fresh fruit, chocolate, yogurt, peanut butter, Nutella, and chopped nuts. Or get a little funky with kielbasa maple syrup, fried apples, chicken, or mac n’ cheese. With waffles, anything goes.

Now that’s a waffle!

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Always a pleasant surprise when you bite into one of these. The custard filled mini Liège waffles are extremely popular for a good reason! A photo posted by Nero Belgian waffle bar (@nerobelgianwafflebar) on

Seasonal waffles are BACK!! Cinnamon apple waffle, salty caramel and whipped cream.

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3. Doughnut Bar

What’s more delightful than a doughnut? And this town has some serious contenders, with smaller shops like Holtman’s Donuts and a Busken Bakery or Servatii Pastry Shop on practically every corner. Allow guests to take the sweet or savory route: serve freshly made doughnuts or doughnut holes in traditional form (jam-filled, glazed, or frosted) and offer toppings like bacon, candied nuts, or cereal.

  Nothing better than some coffee and a little sprinkle donut pick-me-up on a rainy day!   A photo posted by Holtman’s Donuts (@holtmansdonuts) on

Tom + Chee inspired grilled cheese donut! #onesweetappetite #otb #soweirdbutgood #youhavetotryit   A photo posted by Jesseca (@1sweetappetite) on

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4. S’Mores Bar

Because s’mores.

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