Gettin’ Crafty with Gild Collective

Gettin’ Crafty with Gild Collective
Look ma, I made ’em myself!

Sometimes I scroll through Pinterest and wonder, “Are these people for real?” I mean, I’ve done a DIY project or two, but I stick to the easy stuff. Everyone out there MacGyver-ing their way through high-end Ikea hacks is operating on a level to which I’ll never even aspire.

So when Thread had the opportunity to partner with Gild Collective, a woman-owned startup that throws Pinterest-worthy in-home craft parties, I was interested but cautious. Following instructions has never been my strong suit, and most things I try to make with my hands don’t quite turn out as planned.

Luckily, I had nothing to worry about. The Gild gals got us set up on the rooftop of The Reserve, complete with a fantastic view of downtown Cincinnati and plenty of wine and snacks. Each of us received a cute little box of craft materials (it took all of my willpower not to rip it open before we got started), an instruction sheet, and step-by-step guidance from Chief Creative Officer Rachel Bauer McCreary.

Finally tearing into the materials box; organizing our supplies
Finally tearing into the materials box; organizing our supplies

Since we’re a group of style bloggers, the Gild Collective team was thoughtful enough to give us a fashion-y project: sparkly, vintage-inspired earrings and enough materials to make up to six pairs. Once we got the rundown on what to do, we were all comically focused on perfecting our designs: there were ear cuffs, colorful flowers, statement sparklers, and everything else you’d expect to see from people who shop too much. I managed to put together three pairs before everything starting sticking to my E6000-covered fingers, and called it a wrap.

At the end of the night, I had two viable pairs of gemstone cluster earrings, one of which garnered a compliment from a random stranger when I wore them a few days later. I was unreasonably proud to point out that I’d made them myself, a totally new experience for me.

If you want to join in the crafty fun, you can choose a project and host your own party (this would be a fantastic bridesmaid activity) or check them out at one of their upcoming events. Crafts in the Park sounds like the perfect way to jump-start fall decorating plans…

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