Five Bachelor Party Tips from a Serial Groomsman


Shunevych Serhii/

Over the past 18 months, I’ve attended 12 weddings (three as a groomsman) and five bachelor parties. (Yes, I nearly wept over a recent credit card bill.) Through those experiences, I’ve discovered certain dos and don’ts about the art of groomsman-ing.

Do escape Cincinnati. Chicago, Nashville, or a random lake house should suffice, and getaway destinations—I’ve done Austin and Miami—can be delightful outings with the right mix.

Don’t wing it. That goes for planning the bachelor party—especially with a large group, though don’t confuse organization with autocracy—and prepping the best man speech.

Do cover the groom’s bachelor party expenses.

Don’t go too far over the line. Regret is a stinky cologne. Remember: It’s a bachelor party, not a hazing ritual with Otter, Boon, and Bluto.

Do casually monitor the groom’s mental state on the wedding day. Alcohol in small doses can be a satisfactory tonic for the nerves; too much booze equals a lifetime of mean mugs from the bride.

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