Four Roses Visitor Center Is a Gateway to a World of Bourbon

The new visitor center at Four Roses embraces the distillery’s nearly 140-year history and makes bourbon lovers from around the world feel right at home.

Photograph by Sam Rosenstiel

You have to learn when to stop and sip the roses, and the new visitor center at Four Roses is a prime spot. In the heart of bourbon country, the Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, distillery—a 30-minute-ish detour from Lexington and Frankfort—boasts a state-of-the-art center incorporating the Spanish mission architecture of the original distillery building. Rustic Kentucky decor and the grand porch perfect for summer sipping make any bourbon pilgrim feel right at home. You’ll start your Legacy Distillery tour in the cozy parlor. Before the parlor lies the Al Young Archive Collection, a mini-museum of Four Roses artifacts featuring a wall of 22 bourbon bottles from the past 134 years. Using a touch screen display, you can light up each bottle’s niche—including a noteworthy “prescription” bottle from 1924 with a pharmacist’s scrawl instructing 2 ounces be taken, as needed, with water. Across from the parlor sits Bar 1888, where you can sample 10 distinct Four Roses recipes (as needed) on a rotating basis, and tours and tastings exit through the expanded gift shop. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, indeed.

Four Roses, 1224 Bonds Mill Rd., Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, (502) 839-3436

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