Brain Brew Tailors Whiskey to Your Taste

The Newtown distillery offers a customizable sampling experience that lets you customize and take home the perfect whiskey for you.

Photograph by Marlene Rounds

So much of modern life is customizable, from the cars we drive to the phones in our pocket. Brain Brew asks, Why shouldn’t bourbon fit your taste just as well as everything else? Tucked away in Newtown (take a right on Edwards Road when you see the “Eureka! Ranch” sign), this distillery specializes in custom whiskey and lets you hearken back to when the stuff was made “of the people, for the people, by the people.” Brain Brew offers a largely self-guided custom whiskey tour inside a living room space filled with quirky decor. Sample six single-wood bourbons from all eras of craft brewing history—with the history lesson provided via tablet—before you blend your favorites milliliter by milliliter to create your perfect tincture. Once you’re satisfied with your tailored blend, sit at the bar a spell and enjoy an inclusive whiskey or cocktail flight as you wait for your personalized fifth. Brain Brew also offers custom whiskey kits for home use, enough for four people to create their own recipe from the comfort of your kitchen (and great for blind taste tests), or use to fill out a short questionnaire and find your ideal mixture. We definitely recommend visiting in person, and if you do, say hi to Spider-Man for us.

Brain Brew, 3849 Edwards Rd., Newtown, (513) 271-9911

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