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Best of the City 2011
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Peek into the Archives: LiBlog

OK, we’re geeks. We love LiBlog, the UC libraries blog. When Kevin Grace shared a postcard from his personal collection showing the original University Building on the eve of its demolition, we were charmed beyond reason. Why? As Kevin writes: “Before demolition, a UC alum with fond memories of his alma mater requested of a friend that some bricks be sent to him. When he received them, Joseph Strauss placed them in a pylon of a bridge he was building. So, there is a little bit of UC’s heart in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.” Go ’cats, indeed.

Craft Market: The City Flea

What do vintage clothing, mid-century furniture, animal sculptures fashioned from recycled oil drums, Celtic intuitive readings, vegan brownies, and fermented tea have in common? If you said a groovy jambaloosa of a summer festival, you’d be partially right. The City Flea is a confluence of groove: a monthly curated marketplace that convenes during summer months (with special events in colder months) set to vibrant funk and gritty soul as spun by DJ Sebastian Botzow in the lot at Central Parkway and Vine, beneath the Cincinnatus mural.

Celebrity Sighting: George Clooney

Whether you took to Twitter for #clooneywatch, worked as an extra, or just stumbled upon cast and crew out and about in the city, production on The Ides of March certainly brightened up our February. Mr. Clooney, you’re welcome back here any time.

River Discovery: Kentucky Ghost Ship

Sometime in the past 30 years or so, a century-old tour ship called the Circle Line V somehow made its way from New York to Taylor Creek, a small stream in Kentucky. The entire story is vague (as the best mysteries tend to be) and the logistics seem nearly impossible, but the result is our very own ghost ship. Every Halloween, Cincypaddlers, a local kayak club, visits the 183-foot enigma to delight in its eerie presence.

Old-Timey Event: Deer Park High School Cakewalk

When you add homemade cakes to a district-wide game of musical chairs, you get the Deer Park High School Cakewalk. The bands from each school, elementary on up to high school, provide live music for each round, and dance team members marshal the rings, handing out tickets and pointing the winners toward the cake stash. The annual February fund-raiser has been awarding desserts for more than 50 years, but going home with a winning cake never gets old. Deer Park, (513) 891-0010


Build-a-Best: Twitter Feed

Sports: @DatDudeBP

Brandon Phillips, Reds second baseman. Uses the service to actually interact with his followers. Example: Last May, Phillips dropped in on a 14-year-old fan’s little league game.

Politics: @CWeiser

Carl Weiser, The Cincinnati Enquirer’s political editor. If anything remotely political happens in Cincinnati, he’s on top of it—day or night.

Humor: @MikeyBoyBrown

A very funny, very fake, Mike Brown. Sample tweet: “If Denver is truly a mile high, shouldn’t I get a break on plane tickets? I’m paying full price for a half landing.”

Music: @EachNoteSecure

Joe Long, founder of local music blog Each Note Secure ( Great interviews, great giveaways, and links to all the best shows in town.

Life in General: @Jenlkessler

Jen Kessler, conversationalist. Tweets range from mundane (“just had a conversation I’ve been dreading for a while”) to the Zen (“I have two avocados. Now what?”).

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