Man Of The Match—Colts vs. Bengals

Andy Dalton’s statistics this week were ridiculous. It’s incredible that, with at least five catchable dropped passes he still went 25-for-32 and achieved as many wins in his first six games as the Bengals did all of last year. He deserves every bit of credit available and certainly goes toe-to-toe with Cam Newton, despite the fact that this is Dalton’s first year of professional quarterbacking. Reggie Nelson continues to make electric defensive plays. Carlos Dunlap put his own marauding seal on the victory. Nate Clements FG block capped his best game since arriving against some dangerous Colts receivers. But the reason Dalton was able to general the game so effectively was down to two men: Andrew “How Is It Still Possible That He’s Not All-Pro” Whitworth and Andre “Ooooooh that’s why we took him number 6” Smith. The Colts much-vaunted pass-rushing duo of Freeney and Mathis (you can literally hear the commentators salivating when mentioning their names) didn’t get so much as a sniff of Dalton. The Bengals won the game. WIll anybody mention these two nationally? No. Great. Let them keep doing that all season, quiet but impenetrable.

Man Of The Match: Andrew Whitworth and Andre Smith

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