Five Questions With Thomas Howard – Ravens

Five Questions With Thomas Howard – Ravens
Each week, Bengals linebacker Thomas Howard gives his insight, on everything from the upcoming game to the Bengal with the biggest appetite….
1. New Year’s resolution? To get 110% healthy.
2. Best ever New Year’s Eve? It’s was probably my rookie year in the NFL. I was 22 and in the NFL, you can only imagine the fun I had that night. Lol.
3. Key to the Ravens game? Winning the Turnover battle always play a huge role in the outcome of these AFC North divisional games. We must also eliminate big/explosive plays—runs and passes over 30 yards.
4. Raven’s key player? You always have to watch out for Ray Rice because he has the ability to make big plays in the running & passing game. 
5. Which Bengal can eat the most? Geno Atkins hands down. When he’s hungry, watch out! Lol.
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