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Covington’s Community Montessori Takes Flight During a Pandemic

Opening a new school during a pandemic seems crazy, but for Community Montessori in Covington, the timing was perfect.

Wave Pool Uses Art to Connect a Community

Even in a time of social distancing and isolation, Wave Pool finds a way to tap the power of creativity to bring people together.

Are Stem Cell Treatments a Type of Miracle Cure or Snake Oil?

Stem cells have taken on a mythic promise. A new crop of stem cell treatments might be nothing more than costly placebos—or possibly dangerous.

Everything You Need to Know If You’re Considering Adoption

The decision to become a parent is daunting for anyone. For parents considering adoption, the decision to love and care for a child for a lifetime can also come with an additional upfront monetary...

Growing Up Poor in Cincinnati

In a prosperous modern city, half our children under age 5 live in poverty. Lots of people and programs are fighting to change that reality, with some encouraging early results—but we still have a long way to go.

Wendy Lea Is the Cintrifuse CEO Who Jump-Started Cincinnati’s Startup Scene

Her success—evidenced in part by the $17 million renovated Union Hall headquarters—has secured Lea’s place as a central fixture of Cincinnati’s tech economy.

Sour Grapes: When a Social Activity Becomes a Debilitating Habit

Female drinking has been normalized and, for the most part, celebrated. But what do you do when drinking to unwind morphs into drinking to function?

Marsy’s Law is Adding Victim’s Rights, but Raising New Concerns

Here’s what changed, with open questions currently being sorted out by the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center as it drafts implementation language.

Local Nonprofit Gives Refugees “The Long Welcome”

Heartfelt Tidbits rolls out the welcome mat.

Kevin Flynn Says Goodbye

One term on city council was enough for Kevin Flynn, but he’s not ready to leave public service for good.