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Starting Pitchers or Bust

Jobs 1 through 4 on the Reds’ off-season to-do list are adding quality starters from outside the organization. Nothing else matters.

Joey Votto Is a Hall of Famer

Nearing his seventh league-leading OBP title, the Reds’ underappreciated star joins very select company.

Let’s Play Nine!

Career minor leaguer (and awesome teammate) Hernan Iribarren plays all nine positions in his final game for Louisville.

The Reds Belong to Cincinnati, Not Bob Castellini

Owner’s manual: Hire good baseball people, be a likable public face, watch, enjoy, make money.

Confusion About Reds’ Rebuild Extends to Players As Well

For two years now, the Reds have been playing with lots and lots of young pitchers trying to figure out who will stick in the rotation and who won’t. As much as it’s befuddled those of us who watch the team, it seems to also confuse some of the players.

Trade Deadline Inactivity Gets an “I” for Incomplete

It’s time for the Reds’ rebuild to be over, but this week’s single trade didn’t help much.

Top Starter Candidates Once Harvey Is Traded

Honestly, I won’t be surprised if Harvey is traded before this column is published. He’s the only player on the Reds roster who absolutely has to be traded. The Reds got him hoping they could flip him, and he’s pitched well. So he’s out the door. Let’s take a look at the top candidates.

Reds’ Shortstop of the Future Is Already Here

He is a strange kind of player, though.

Deadline Dealing: Who the Reds Should Give up in Trades

The draft is over, and it’s about to be July. That means it’s trading season for the Reds.

Start the Overhaul. Now.

They’re really bad mostly because of their outfield and starting pitching and a little bit because of their infield defense—here are the easiest fixes.