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Long Weekend: Benzie County, Michigan

When size doesn’t matter, these small towns win.

Drink to Music and History at the Slippery Noodle Inn

Its name may sound like the dish no one touches at Thanksgiving, but trust us, The Slippery Noodle Inn is one of Indy’s slickest institutions

Long Weekend: Music Exhibitions and Festivals

Can’t stop the beat? Might as well enjoy it at these three exhibitions.

How To: Restore An Old Book

A different kind of spine surgery.

The Ohio Book Store’s Basement Business is Booming

Although “bookbinder” sounds like it would’ve gone the way of the milkman and the travel agent by now, the Fallon family is busier than ever.

Bang and Olufsen: An Aural Experience

Bright space, local art, pricey technology, and attractive Danish design—and people—to guide you the whole way

Brew Crew: Greg Hardman

He wasn’t called by craft beer opportunism; he wasn’t even called by phone. He was called by a sense of duty.

Brew Crew: Mike Dewey

Thirteen months after founding the Mt. Carmel Brewing Company, Dewey did what any of us would do if we were talented enough: He quit his day job.

Brew Crew: Dan Listermann

“Most of what we brewed back then ended up in a fire extinguisher,” said Listermann of his first pass at home brew.

Cahokia Mounds

Journey into the past.