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An Ode to Cincinnati’s Humidity

Humidity. It's a fact. An atmospheric reality that’s plagued the Ohio River Valley for summers immemorial.

Bob Woodiwiss: The Man Who Spewed Too Much

Poke around a town long enough and you learn all its secrets. Now it's time to start blabbing.

Fighting the Currency

Sometimes it's hard not to take personal finance personally.

The Observer: Gun Smoke and Mirrors

“When I was a child, I armed myself as a child, I shot as a child, I killed as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish guns.”

The Observer: Be Yourself™®©

Building a personal brand is a thankless job. But only if you forget to thank yourself.

The Observer: Why I’m Not Voting For Issue 3

The high stakes of marijuana legalization.

The Observer: Running Commentary

Run long enough, far enough, often enough, and–somehow–it still may not be enough.

Commercially Disappointing

Every story should have somebody to root for. Except, well, this story’s about advertising.

The Observer: Aisle-land Sketchbook

Let’s go (and go and go and go and go) Krogering.

The Observer: The Path of Wrongousness

Nature is a place of discovery. Not that that's necessarily a good thing.