Tiger on a Wire

Clearly, Greenpeace is not a supporter (or user) of Head & Shoulders. Nine Greenpeace activists—including one dressed in a tiger suit—staged a very public protest Tuesday afternoon, connecting a zipline between the two towers of the P&G building downtown and unfurling two massive banners. One read “Head & Shoulders, Stop Putting Tiger Survival on the Line,” with the other stating “Head & Shoulders, Wipes out Dandruff & Rainforests.”

The protest was in response to P&G’s use of palm oil in certain products, a substance linked to tropical deforestation in places such as Indonesia. Greenpeace sent out a press release regarding the situation just after 1 pm while the activists were still suspended from the zipline. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the banners were rolled up around 2:30, with police arresting the protesters minutes later on charges of inducing panic and criminal trespassing.

Below is a tweet sent by Enquirer photojournalist Amanda Rossmann at 1:19 pm with a picture of the two banners.

Update: Wednesday, March 4, 9:30 am

The Enquirer is reporting this morning that all nine protesters were detained overnight and given a $50,000 cash bond. It is still not completely clear how the activists got through building security.

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