The Newport Aquarium is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a mural inspired by a hashtag: #SharkWall. Designed by local artist Rosalind Tallmadge, the aquatic-themed painting will measure 35 feet high and stretch 300 feet along the aquarium’s north exterior wall. Tallmadge will also oversee 10 students from ArtWorks—Cincinnati’s nonprofit public art group—commissioned for the project.

If you think this is easy, you try to get a jellyfish to pose for a portrait. “I plan for the sand tiger shark and South African penguin, the biggest animals flanking the mural, to have high visibility,” says Tallmadge, who has been with ArtWorks since 2005. “The coral reef in the middle will have more complex details for foot-traffic visitors to explore.”

The mural is scheduled to be completed later this month, and the aquarium is encouraging admirers to post photos via social media, using #SharkWall to track the progress. Land sharks of the world unite!

Photographs courtesy Newport Aquarium
Originally published in the August 2014 issue

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