Seven Bands to Look Out For at Northside Music Festival

From a 90s-style girl group to an indie rock quartet, Northside has you covered for local music.

Northside Tavern has become known for creating a space to enjoy local brews and local music. On June 23, rather than showcase a few bands as usual, the tavern will host 14 local and regional bands. Three stages will be set up in the front and back of the building, as well as on the patio. Each of the 14 acts has their own unique sound, but here are seven particularly diverse performers to look out for.

With Maggie Cleary’s ethereal vocals and the compelling use of synths, MARR’s sound can best be described as dreamy synthetic pop. The Northside-based band formed in 2016 and comprises of Cleary, Tony Squeri, Tim Koppenhafer, and Mike Hühn. MARR recently released three singles in just four days on bandcamp: “Make You Feel Safe” was released on January 15 and “Gills” and “Posture” were released on January 19.

Sons of Silverton
CITOAK and KyleDavid of Sons of Silverton embody hip hop in its purest form. Hailing from the eastern hills of Cincinnati, both artists were involved with other groups before coming together to form Sons of Silverton. The band makes it clear that it is driven by a passion and desire to creating music, rather than fame and fortune.

No, that’s not a misspelling, Triiibe intended for their band name to have this unique spelling. The word itself stands for True Representation of Intellectual Individuals Invoking Blvck Excellence. Band members PXVCE, AZIZA LOVE, and SIRI MANI are focused not only on producing music, but are also activists for their community. In 2017, Triiibe won the Cincinnati Entertainment Award in the R&B/Funk/Soul category.

Formed in 2009, Darlene continues to stay true to its indie/pop-punk roots through songs like “Richard Pryor.” Janey O’Laney, Cuddly D., and Robby D. make up this majority female group, emitting an aura of nostalgia with their late 90’s style, proudly sporting knee socks and short skirts.

Kraken Quartet
Unlike its fellow performers, the Kraken Quartet relies only on instruments to create their music, omitting lyrics completely. Originally from Austin, Texas, Chris Demetriou, Andrew Dobos, Taylor Eddinger, and Sean Harvey formed the Kraken Quartet in 2012. Since then, they have played festivals like South by Southwest and have become known for crossing genres like minimalism, indie, post-rock, and electronica.

Freedom Nicole Moore & The Electric Moon
This female-fronted indie/soul band from Cincinnati features singer/songwriter Freedom Moore, John Raptis, Christopher Sweeney, James Wiley-Benes, and Fred Brackmann. Moore’s silky smooth vocals flow effortlessly throughout every song. Moore generates a sound so natural that allows her to transition seamlessly from original songs to covers like “No Diggity” and “Bare Necessities.”

Silent Tongues
Silent Tongues crosses hip hop with alt-rock in their album Creature of Habit, Habits of Creatures, putting a twist on the hip hop songs that we are so accustomed to hearing pour out of radio speakers. Band members Phillip Smith, Thomas Thorp, Drew Chestnut, and Simón Sotelo are currently based in Cincinnati. Despite its obvious hip hop influences, Silent Tongues is not limited to one genre and knows how to slow things down as well.

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