Ready Yourself for Hamilton with In The Heights


Lin-Manuel Miranda’s pop culture phenomenon Hamilton finally makes it to the Queen City, with a nearly month-long stop at the Aronoff Center. But first, ready yourself with a visit to Playhouse in the Park to catch Miranda’s debut (and almost equally well-received) musical In the Heights.

Illustration by Ale Giorgini

WRITTEN BY: Lin-Manuel Miranda
DIRECTED BY: Thomas Kail
WHEN: Feb. 19–March 10
RUN TIME: 2 hours, 45 minutes
HIGHEST HONOR: Pulitzer Prize for Drama
PREMIERED: August 2015
SUMMARY: A modern retelling of the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton through a mix of hip-hop, rap, blues, and R&B.

“Hamilton, Burr, Washington, Eliza—these aren’t just names on the page anymore. You connect with the characters of Hamilton in a visceral way.” —Genevieve Holt, general manager of Broadway in Cincinnati
WRITTEN BY: Lin-Manuel Miranda
DIRECTED BY: May Adrales
WHEN: Jan 19–Feb 17
RUN TIME: 2 hours, 25 minutes
HIGHEST HONOR: Tony Award for Best Musical
PREMIERED: February 2008
SUMMARY: Three days in New York City’s predominantly Latino Washington Heights neighborhood, featuring hip-hop, salsa, and merengue music.

“The piece is a celebration of community, and filled with some of the most vibrant, energetic, and soulful performances.” —May Adrales, show director

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