Jeremy Pinnell Debuts Upbeat New Album About Ohio River Life

The musician saw rock bottom. But now things are looking up.

Jeremy Pinnell’s 2014 solo debut, OH/KY, found him staring down darkness in a set of confessional honky-tonk songs that spoke plainly of addiction and inner struggle. But Pinnell’s new album, Ties of Blood and Affection—out August 11 on SofaBurn Records, with a release show at the Woodward Theater the following night—is a brighter second act.

Photograph by Michael Wilson

With lines like I got a little peace and a satisfied mind (“Feel This Right”) and If life don’t get better, I’m alright with this (“Alright With This”), the record is a collection of roadhouse country songs that celebrate contentment.

“I had a buddy tell me I needed to start writing about the good things in my life,” says Pinnell, who became a father and was married since OH/KY. “It was different at first, but my principle is, you just have to be honest when it comes to songwriting. I think that’s the only way people connect.”

A Northern Kentucky talent who proclaims I’m more than proud to be from Cincinnati in “Feel This Right,” Pinnel is taking his songs of Ohio River life on tour, with upcoming dates across the U.S. and Europe. “I love touring,” he says. “I’m that old guy who just likes looking around. Playing’s alright, but the scenery’s beautiful.”

→ Ties of Blood and Affection out Aug 11; Woodward Theater release show Aug 12;

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