Hot Ticket: Frontier Folk Nebraska at Southgate House Revival

Covington rock band Frontier Folk Nebraska is making a name for itself. And explaining it.

First things first: Frontier Folk Nebraska is neither a folk band nor from Nebraska. “We always say we are Frontier Folk Nebraska from Covington, Kentucky,” says guitarist Travis Talbert. “Now, generally, you have to end up explaining that to people.” Questions aren’t likely to slow down either, thanks to the group’s growing audience here and throughout the Midwest.

Touring has helped with breaking in a rather fluid lineup over the years. “Pretty much every time we put out a record, somebody quits,” chuckles Talbert, including after the last studio album in 2014. Since then, Talbert and founding guitarist/vocalist Michael Hensley added a new drummer and bassist and released an 18-track live album recorded at Southgate House Revival in Newport, where FFN will also play on October 8. “Why not make a double album–length live record? That’s a dumb idea no one asked us to do,” says Talbert. “It was kind of our egotistical way of making a greatest hits record.”

The new lineup is finishing an EP for release later this year with a slightly renovated sound, though still in sync with the band’s grungy vibe. And they’ll keep touring, too, name confusion be damned.

 Frontier Folk Nebraska, Oct 8, Southgate House Revival,

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