Spend 2018 Looking Up, Thanks to Dean Regas

Cincy’s astronomer-in-chief is here to take you from ”Ooh, shiny!” to ”My, the Pleiades are looking fine tonight.”

Cincy’s astronomer-in-chief Dean Regas’s new book, 100 Things to See in the Night Sky, is the ultimate guide to getting you from “Ooh, shiny!” to “My, the Pleiades are looking fine tonight,” no expensive equipment required.

Heavenly Bodies
Planets! Satellites! Meteor showers! Regas details wonders of the night sky visible to the naked eye—and that come around way more frequently than a total solar eclipse.

Star Power
So you know the Big Dipper. Get the deets—including the stories and mythology behind them—on more than 30 constellations, broken down by season, with diagrams and easy-to-follow (even for the astronomically ignorant) instructions on spotting them.

Sky Primer
The direction you’re facing affects how the sky seems to move. Your hands are built-in angles. You see a new sky each season. Learn these basic tools of orientation, plus the sun’s path and the moon’s phases and all about phenomena like earthshine, moon illusion, and what makes a supermoon so super.

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