A Comic (Book) Ode to WKRP in Cincinnati


Chad Lambert’s billet-doux to the Queen City isn’t your standard handwritten note—it’s an autobiographical comic book about his time in the city’s beloved radio industry. “When I was a kid, there were three things that were Cincinnati to me: the Reds, WKRP, and  The Gary Burbank Show,” says Lambert. “This comic book is a love letter to all three of those things wrapped up into one story.”

The book covers Lambert’s own experiences working on The Burbank Show, while also revisiting the hit TV series WKRP in Cincinnati, which ran from 1978 to 1982, and mixes in plenty of nods to where the real world and the fictional world of the CBS sitcom crossed paths. The antenna from the show’s opening theme song? It’s the old WLWT transmission tower. The true identity of the Osgood R. Flimm Building? That would be the former Enquirer building on Vine Street. Dr. Johnny Fever? Wasn’t really a doctor!

The fifth in a series edited by Lambert, Comics: WKRP in Cincinnati is currently available in local stores and for digital download, and is slated for public release at Queen City Comic Con this February.

“People became engineers because of Star Trek and doctors because of M*A*S*H,” says Lambert. “I am the only person who became a deejay in Cincinnati because of WKRP.”

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