Tim Rosewood’s Patchwork Streetwear Style

Rosewood, a local TV producer, doesn’t like to stick with one particular style when it comes to fashion.

Photograph by Paszt Studios / Lance Adkins

OCCUPATION: WLWT producer and freelance photographer
STYLE: Streetwear, remixed

How would you describe your style?

Being comfortable but also being able to express different colors or feelings, or matching the moods of what’s going on in the day. I normally like to match my style based on either the weather or how I’m feeling. Sometimes I like to mix a little streetwear with a little more casual or a little more dapper. I’m a mixed bag. I don’t want to stick with one style.

Has style always been important to you?

I feel like it kind of hit me in high school. I used to dance in high school. I would watch all these videos, and I noticed some of the things that the people who lived in [New York and California] were wearing. That’s when I was like, This is kind of cool. I tell people I like to dress for myself and to wear what I like.

What benefits do you get out of that philosophy?

It’s self-confidence. If I’m wearing clothes that I deem to be really nice, it makes me feel like, OK, I can step out in this world feeling good today.

What’s your favorite thing in your closet?

I have a one-of-one jacket made by a friend from college. He started a clothing line, and he did a fashion show for it and asked me to be one of the models. He made this Levi denim jacket that’s split tone—regular blue denim on the left, and then it’s an orange tie-dye on the right side of the jacket, and then on the back, it says, “I like myself” written three times. I also love anime and Japanese culture. I get influenced by that. [The shirt I’m wearing now] has one of my favorite characters from YuYu Hakusho named Yusuke, and the brand made this bedazzled version of it. So it’s all outlined, and I thought it was super dope that they were able to blend streetwear elements into this anime show from the ’90s and make it modern and make it poppin’.

Photograph by Paszt Studios / Lance Adkins

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