Streetview: Vine, McMicken, & Findlay

Today’s neighborhood bars share space with the oldest fire department in the country and future homes of the Over-the-Rhine Museum and OTR Community Center.

Photograph by Ryan Kurtz

As part of the magazine’s November cover package, “Over-the-Rhine Turns a Corner,” we highlight five intersections that represent the past, present, and future of Cincinnati’s most iconic neighborhood. Some have been transformed over the past 20 years, others are in transition, and one is in the midst of a debate over the best way to simultaneously serve long-term OTR residents and the neighborhood’s history character.

  1. Findlay Playground

3CDC plans to build a new community center here, part of a $50.4-million project that includes nearby Grant Park.

  1. Orbit Room

A cozy, intimate neighborhood bar inside the 1851 Apotheke building, once home to a pharmacy.

  1. Over-the-Rhine Museum

The 1800s tenement will immerse visitors in the neighborhood’s history between 1860 and 2020. Read more about the museum’s plans here.

  1. Schwartz’s Point

Built in 1875, the Schwartz brothers—dentists—bought it four decades later. Today, you can hear jazz there every weekend.

  1. OTR Firehouse

Home to Company 5 of the Cincinnati Fire Department, the oldest professional fire department in the United States.

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