This Wine Guru Has The Answers to Your Vino Questions

Tim Shumrick has transformed the former Chateau Pomije space into a wine lover’s oasis.
Photograph by Andrew Doench.

When it comes to wine, Tim Shumrick has a sixth sense. It’s not all that surprising, given that he’s a veteran of the local dining scene, having opened his first wine store in Hyde Park in 1975. He’s had time to learn his stuff. But it’s still a little spooky how quickly he can make that perfect recommendation on the spot. Who would have immediately known that a picky pinot noir purist would fall for the Dolcetto? Shumrick would.

Photograph by Andrew Doench.

It’s that sense of instant rapport that makes Annata Wine Bar & Cellar, formerly Shumrick’s own Chateau Pomije restaurant, fit within the heart of O’Bryonville, where hot spots like Pampas and Che are just down the block. “That’s one of the main reasons I opened it—to be a neighborhood wine bar,” Shumrick says. “The name is Italian for ‘vintage’ and the boat for the name ‘Chateau Pomije’ had sailed. Annata, I think, is a much hipper name and hopefully appeals to a younger crowd. Chateau Pomije has legacy to another generation.”

Photograph by Andrew Doench.

Order by the glass or sample three different pours together with one of Annata’s signature wine flights (we couldn’t resist trying the albariño, the verdicchio, and the sauvignon blanc in quick succession). The 26 wines available at the bar are constantly rotating to reflect the season—more reds in the winter, whites and rosés in the warmer months—but the cellar is an even deeper treasure trove to explore, with more than 400 bottles just waiting to be uncorked.

Annata Wine Bar & Cellar, 2021 Madison Rd., O’Bryonville, (513) 871-8788

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