The Northern Market Has Plenty of Rope

Lindsey Zinno’s accessories and homegoods turn hand-sewn cotton rope into must-have accessories.

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Lindsey Zinno learned how to sew when she was 5 years old, thanks to her mom and aunt, whose professional careers involve sewing. At 17, she launched The Northern Market, an online retailer of hand-sewn cotton rope accessories and home goods. Her unique rope coiling technique, which she learned from her aunt and later personalized, gives her bags, bowls, coasters, trivets, trays, and pet beds a distinctively minimal look. Zinno published Rope Sewing Reinvented, an instructional book describing her techniques, and in July 2017 recorded two episodes of Sewing With Nancy, the country’s longest running TV sewing program, a few months before host Nancy Zieman died—making Zinno her last recorded guest. (Her mom and aunt had also appeared on Zieman’s show.)

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Now, at 22, Zinno fulfills custom and wholesale orders for The Northern Market while working full time as the director of marketing and customer experience at Mosaic Climbing in Loveland. About 20 stores throughout the U.S. carry her products, including local boutiques The Native One and Deerhaus Decor. Her main goal: Encourage others to live sustainably. Zinno, who earned an environmental science degree from UC last August, uses recycled cotton, which she weaves into spools of rope and colors with natural plant dyes. “Buying anything new is not good for the environment,” she says. “If people are going to buy something new, I want it to be something I’m comfortable with putting out in this world.”

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