Symposium Offers a Taste of Europe

The East Walnut Hills cantina, coffee shop, and bar has an expansive menu of cocktails and delicious bites.

[Editor’s note: Symposium closed in June 2023]

Already on its way to becoming a well-known coffee shop, Symposium has so much more to offer. Providing a “European style of dining” in this moody, elegant venue inspired by London’s Explorer’s Club from the 19th century, the cantina offers canapes and charcuterie to complement your aperitif.

“We like to think the cantina occupies a space between a restaurant and a winebar, ”says co-owner J. Matt Nickels.


Come in, order a glass (or buy a bottle) of wine, beer, or a cocktail from the bar, plus a tasty treat (do not, we repeat, do not miss the goat cheese stuffed peppers), take a seat in the luxurious velvet chairs or step outside on the patio and your order will be brought to you.

The owners pride themselves on their expansive selection of alcohol, with unique options that can’t be easily found elsewhere. And if the food isn’t from Europe, you can be guaranteed it’s from within 100 miles of Cincinnati. “We always want to support artisans, be it beer, wine, food, or artists,” Nickels says.“We only want to feature products produced by people, rather than entities, equations, or equipment. We seek soul in our goods.”


Don’t sleep on the Bird on a Wire, Symposium’s delightfully elegant take on an espresso martini. And be sure to try the owners’ favorites, the Kingfisher Old Fashioned and the Magpie Gin & Tonic.

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, Symposium is for whenever you are.

Symposium, 2835 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills

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