Style Counsel: Shaheen Miro Shops the Whole Store to Create a Look That Inspires a Feeling

Artist Shaheen Miro studied fashion design and talks about the way clothes can inspire confidence–or mask our true selves.

Occupation: Psychic intuitive, visual artist, author
Style: Free-spirited and feminine

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Describe your style.
I don’t feel like I have one specific style. When I think of what I’m going to wear, it’s more of a feeling: How do I want to feel in this particular garment, outfit, color? I don’t think I dress that strange, but some people do. It’s kind of mystical. Also feminine. That’s a big part of how I dress. I like to blend the lines.

For me, clothing has always been about storytelling. Women historically have been able to be more expressive with what they wear. I remember being little—and my aunt tells this story all the time—I think we’re at Sears or something and we get to the boys’ section and the girls’ section, and I instantly go to the girls’ section. And she said, You know this is the girls’ section? And I’m like, Yeah, but I want something that’s purple, and everything over there is green and blue. And she was like, I can’t argue with that. I always joke that I shop in every section. I start in the women’s and I go to the plus size and the maternity and the men’s and the little kids’, because you never know what you’ll find. I think that’s where clothing is all about storytelling. If you just put something on because that’s how it was on the mannequin, you’re ascribing to someone else’s idea. But when you can pull things from different eras or genders or even change the way something is worn, you make it your own and that’s fascinating to me.

You read people’s energetic stories for a living.
Our energetic story is the accumulation of our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs about the world and how the world responds to us. That becomes the narrative of our lives and it really dictates [our] actions. Clothing [is] one of the easiest things that we can interact with energetically. I notice that a lot of people don’t actually think about what they wear from the standpoint of How does this make me feel? It’s usually more about How are people going to perceive me if I wear this? Or Is this appropriate for this situation? When we dress in ways that aren’t really in alignment with how we want to feel, we usually have less confidence. We sort of dim our magnetism. When you see someone wearing something that is interesting and makes them feel good, they light up the room.

Why do people come to you?
People usually come to me when they feel like they’re meeting a hurdle in their life. They want answers to certain questions. A question that comes up all the time is When am I going to find love? And usually what I actually find the question being is When are you going to be ready for it? A lot of times people who aren’t finding love, there’s something holding them back. In some way they’ve walled themselves off. So what I’m good at doing is [determining action steps]. Sometimes it’s stuff that seems really practical but it never clicked until someone else said it and had no clue about your life.

So you’re not a fortuneteller?
Some people confuse what I do as fortune telling, which is historically how it’s been used, but I believe that we are in charge of our futures. Because our energetic story is creating our life, if we change our energetic story, we change what happens.

How do you read a person’s energy?
There are so many different ways to read energy. Sometimes I’ll use tea leaves or tarot cards, and sometimes I’m just sitting here like this and I’m looking and feeling into you. The cool thing about tarot cards and tea leaves is that the images crystalize the energy. A lot of times with oracle cards someone will say, Wow, that card is exactly how I feel. And something about that feels like, Woah, everything in me just aligned; it just got validated because that card put into a visual something that I couldn’t name for myself.

You went to school for fashion design.
Most people think, Oh did you go to school because you love clothes? And I do love clothes, but I went to school because I love stories, and I love when people can feel like they can tell their story. That’s another question that comes up in readings: What’s my life’s purpose? I always tell people your life’s purpose is to express yourself in whatever way that is. It’s not your job or your role as a parent; it’s to express yourself, and one of the easiest ways for us to do that is our clothing.

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