Style Counsel: Lindsay Dewald

Kids’ Stylist

Between working at The Spotted Goose children’s boutique in Oakley, teaching at Leaves of Learning, and running the advertising side of Babiekins Magazine, Lindsay Dewald spends a lot of time around kids. But her favorite job is styling them.

How did you get into styling kids? I was teaching at a school in New York and all the kids were so well dressed. That got me exploring all these brands I had never heard of. When I moved back here, I started managing The Spotted Goose, went on a buying trip, and fell in love with kids’ fashion. I did some photo shoots with photographer friends to build a portfolio.

Is your own style reflected in your work? Definitely. My favorite look for a little kid is just a big person outfit shrunk down. I don’t like anything too cartoony. I’ll see something I like on a man or woman on a blog and recreate that on a kid.

How much of your inspiration do you pull from blogs and other sites? A lot. Almost every new children’s line I find out about is through Pinterest or a blog. But sometimes it’s good to step away to make sure you’re not just mimicking things and actually using it for inspiration.

What are some of your favorite kid’s lines? WovenPlay, Tom and Drew, and Nico are a few that are edgy. Tea is a really reasonably priced line. There are so many really small lines that make great stuff.

What inspires your own style? I see people wearing things on the street and if I like it I’ll try it out. I also love design, and between everything I do with the store, the City Flea, and the magazine, my style is just a reflection of things I enjoy.

Any tips for parents? Girls don’t have to wear pink and boys don’t have to wear blue. Also, accessories: I love scarves, fedoras, and ties. People are afraid to put that kind of stuff on their kids, but they love it. It makes them feel like they are dressing up.

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