Spruce Nail Shop Is Getting a Makeover and Relocating to Findlay Market

The nail salon, which opened in 2015, has officially outgrown its current space and will relocate in January.

Photograph by China Kautz

Spruce Nail Shop Owner Molly Reckman Nagle has been fielding the question, When are you going to open a new location? for a long time. Now, she finally has a concrete answer. In January, Spruce will close its current flagship store at 1235 Vine Street and relocate to 1818 Race Street at Findlay Market.

“We were approached about this space probably two months ago, and we’d been contemplating how we were going to keep our current space and open a new location,” Reckman Nagle says. “In order to set ourselves up in the right space, we needed a single flagship location that had the space we needed now.”

Photograph by China Kautz

In a stroke of luck, the salon’s current lease was ending, helping make Reckman Nagle’s decision easier. The new location will enable Spruce to capitalize on the growth it’s experienced since opening in 2015. The additional 800 square feet will allow Spruce to double its retail, add one pedicure station and two manicure stations, and dedicate more space for staff, all of which will make day-to-day operations run more smoothly.

“When we started Spruce, we had five employees. Now we have 25. Our current space wasn’t designed for that many employees, and we’re all on top of each other a bit,” Reckman Nagle says. “Staff will now have their own bathroom and breakroom, and we can grow and expand even more.” Spruce also recently launched a mobile arm to expand its reach in the community.

What else has changed since 2015? Its skin care treatment offerings have grown to include facials, massages, waxing, natural spray tans, and more. The esthetician’s rooms (where skin treatments take place) at the new location will be bigger, too, and more sound-proof to give clients more privacy. Spruce is also excited to welcome a new neighbor at the Race Street location. Although said neighbor is still to be announced, Reckman Nagle says she looks forward to possible collaborations.

Photograph by China Kautz

The Vine Street storefront will be open through January 1, so no need to stress about your holiday nails. “We’re going to be working with all of our clients, and no one’s appointments will be missed,” Reckman Nagle assures. “We’ll definitely be able to take on more customers, and when we open more locations down the road, we’ll have a good home base,” Reckman Nagle says. “Findlay Market is just such a great place to be.”

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