Six Organizations That Can Help You Learn More About Government


Educating yourself about political candidates and issues can seem daunting. Not sure where to start? These six organizations offer plenty of resources so you can make informed political decisions.

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City Council School

Spearheaded by Ioanna Paraskevopoulos, cofounder of nonprofit Action Tank and former aide to Councilman David Mann, this free program educates community members about Cincinnati’s local government systems and practices through tours, meetings, and workshops.

League of Women Voters

With 700-plus chapters across the country, this nonpartisan organization strives to influence public policy through education and advocacy. The Cincinnati league offers materials on Hamilton County’s government and elected officials, in-depth research on local issues and elections, voter guides, and more. A Pendleton County league offers similar information for Northern Kentucky.;

Cincinnatus Association

Join this membership organization to better understand the issues facing the community and use your leadership skills to improve civic awareness in Cincinnati. During election season, monthly meetings serve as a platform for public forums and debates on local ballot issues and candidates.

Applied Information Resources

Launched in 1981, this nonprofit provides informational resources and hosts free biweekly community forums led by city councilmembers and prominent community members from September to May that focus on public policy and issues affecting the community, from affordable housing to climate change.

Urban League of Greater Southwest Ohio

Serving the tri-state’s underserved populations since 1948, this nonprofit works to advance communities through programming that supports personal empowerment and economic self-sufficiency. This includes partnering with local organizations that offer education on topics ranging from critical election issues to small business support to mental health management.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

This organization’s tools make it easy for Kentuckians to participate in state and local elections so everyone has an equal voice. Its 2020 Voter Guide includes sample ballots, candidate surveys, a list of polling locations, and more voter resources in English and Spanish.

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