Run (Or Fly) To Graeter’s for Flying Pig Tracks Ice Cream

This new Graeter’s and Flying Pig ice cream flavor will have your post-race sweet tooth satisfied.

Ice cream and running go hand in hand. Right? Graeter’s Ice Cream and the Flying Pig Marathon think so—and that means a tasty frozen treat is coming to freezers near you soon. 

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Cincinnati’s most notable marathon, the ice creamery joins them to bring a new, limited-time ice cream flavor to cartons, bowls, and cones near you. 

Photograph courtesy Graeter's Ice Cream, Flying Pig Marathon

“Flying Pig Tracks” is a union of peanut butter cups and chocolate fudge, advertised as rich and creamy sweetness worth savoring. The flavor will appear in all scoop shops April 28. Pints to take home will be sold in Cincinnati and Dayton area Kroger, Jungle Jim’s, and Dorothy Lane stores, or you can order the flavor from Graeter’s online shop for a limited time. The pints come packaged in sky blue cartons with the famous Flying Pig icons soaring past the Cincinnati skyline wielding ice cream cones.

But if ice cream and running being hand in hand is debatable—in your opinion—then this option may be a bit more fitting: ice cream and bowls definitely go hand in hand. 

Graeter’s is also collaborating with Rookwood Pottery on a Flying Pig-inspired ice cream bowl. The bowl will be the fifth in the Rookwood-Graeter’s bowl collection, stamped with a celebratory 25th Anniversary Flying Pig Marathon logo. 

Got your spoons ready? You can find the bowl in limited stock May 5 at the marathon’s registration event for $59.95.

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