Relocated High School Sweet-Hearts Celebrate Wedding With Cincinnati Icons

After moving to Philadelphia from Cincinnati, this couple got a taste of home thanks to some Queen City staples on their wedding day.

For Chloe Herzog and Alec Steffen, the theme of their wedding had to be “Cincinnati.” Now living in Philadelphia, the high school sweethearts wanted to showcase everything they love about the Queen City while celebrating their marriage.

Photograph by Daniel Michael Photography

“The first time Alec and I met, we were probably 6,” says Chloe. “We grew up on the west side, and we wanted to celebrate that tie to Cincinnati. It’s where we met and grew up.”

Photograph by Daniel Michael Photography

And there were certainly plenty of opportunities to highlight Cincinnati’s beloved landmarks, food, and drinks. The planning all started with the idea of showing off a grand local visual: the staircase in the Cincinnati Art Museum. “Beyond that, we wanted to get married in a place where we could have cool, interesting pictures and a fun experience,” says Chloe. “It was perfect, and everything just fell into place from there.”

This perfect execution also had a lot to do with how involved Chloe and Alec wanted their loved ones to be in their wedding. Chloe says one of her must-haves for her big day was the constant presence of friends and family, from the wedding party to the ceremony’s proceedings. “Having everyone up there and involved, it just makes it so much more special,” says Chloe.

Looking for an interesting backdrop for their photos and fun atmosphere for guests, the next stop of the evening did not disappoint. Lunken Municipal Airport was the perfect locale for dancing and enjoying the evening among friends and family in a large hangar. “Having the reception there meant that we could have a relaxed, fun experience,” says Alec. “It had a laid-back vibe that we really liked, and we enjoyed being able to be a part of the reception.”

The relaxed feel of the reception was carried through with the couple’s catering. A Graeter’s ice cream truck provided partiers with a chance to take a break from the crowded dance floor and enjoy a sweet treat. And all of the craft beer served was made by Cincinnati brewers.

At the end of the day, Chloe and Alec got their perfect, Cincinnati-centric day, surrounded by 200 friends and family. “Really, we wanted a party and a celebration,” says Chloe. “It was a chance to see everyone and bring everyone together.”

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