Holy Macaroni: Soul Secrets Serves Up Comfort Food

With fish platters, cornbread, and a list of sides a mile long — Soul Secrets has you covered.

You no longer need an event to celebrate with a fish fry. At Candice Holloway’s restaurant, Soul Secrets, fried chicken and fish are always on the menu. Servers wearing T-shirts that read “my ancestors sent me” introduce guests to a trim menu full of the best soul food.

Photograph by Andrew Doench

A list of traditional sides as long as your arm makes ordering a dilemma. The good news is you can’t make a wrong choice. That said, the macaroni and cheese is a must-try. It tastes like homemade but better. Every bite is full of rich melted cheese, and you can see the black pepper in it. While we’d never presume to reveal the Soul Secrets secrets, the macaroni definitely spends some quality time in the oven, because there are extra crispy morsels from the top in every serving.

You can’t go wrong with the fish platters. The whiting is good, but the catfish is divine. The cornmeal breading is so perfectly seasoned you won’t need salt, and the light crunch it adds doesn’t hide the star of the show. So soft it’s nearly fluffy, the catfish melts in your mouth. Each catfish platter delivers two enormous pieces of fish along with two sides and a cornbread muffin that may be the best in Cincinnati. This is the kind of meal you take home with you—not just in your heart but in a box—because chances are low you’ll conquer all the fish and sides in one go.

Soul Secrets, 1434 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 721-7685

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