Gift These Four Locally Made Candles this Holiday Season

Yes, it’s another candle for Christmas. But these aren’t just any candles.

One of the toughest categories of giftees to purchase for is the friend or family member you don’t see all the time. It’s the mother-in-law you’re only close-ish to, or the work bud who’s great for monthly lunches, but you don’t know their dog’s name … or if there even is a dog. It’s for the person who, really, you sort of want to gift a simple candle. Something from the grocery store. That smells vaguely of berry. Or musk.

But come on—you can do better than that. If you’re going to gift a candle, make it seem purposeful. Like one of these handmade beauts. So this is your Yes, It’s Another Candle guide.

Photograph courtesy Nova Candle Co.

Celestial Scents Candles

The candles at Celestial Scents Candles are hand-poured and highly scented, with a trio of wicks—that means they’ll last. The shop boasts more than 190 scents, according to the website, like Wintery Candy Apple, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Tuberose, and Strudel & Spice. 305 Crossroads Blvd., Cold Spring, Kentucky

The Candle Lab

Want to take your gift a step further than the candle itself? At The Candle Lab, you can pick up a gift or make your own. Making a candle takes 20 to 45 minutes, and onsite staff will help you select your favorite scent mixture from the 100+ fragrance oils available. If you prefer to skip the DIY step, pick up a pre-made, hand-poured in-store candle in one of 130 fragrances. Candle Lab candles are 11 ounces and burn for 80 hours. 7454 Beechmont Ave. in Anderson and 1325 Vine St. in Over-the-Rhine

Photograph courtesy Nova Candle Co.

Nova Candle Co.

At Nova Candle Co., shoppers can select from a range of sizes and designs, opting for everyday scents or holiday-specific options. Candles are hand-poured and sourced from American farmers. Nova also offers candle pouring workshops, which seat up to eight people. 9895 Montgomery Road, Blue Ash

Creative Candle

The small batch candles at Creative Candle, an online shop, come in clear glass jars with quirky and sweet labels and names. The New Space, Who Dis? collection, for example, includes the Out of Office candle and comes in one of three scents: white eucalyptus, oakmoss and amber, or santol and coconut. The Fall Lineup Collection includes scents like Sweet Tobacco Bourbon, Pumpkin Please, and I Love Fall Leaves., based in West Chester

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