Get Moving on the Loveland Bike Trail

Ditch the screens and enjoy a delightful day of adventure on the Loveland Bike Trail.
Loveland Bike Trail in Cincinnati - Outdoor Activities

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

The Loveland Bike Trail (which is actually the Little Miami State Park) is one of those places that’s hiding right in plain sight. One of the area’s most well-known attractions, the iconic trail is 70 miles long and runs parallel to the Little Miami River, winding its way through some of the most scenic parts of southwest Ohio. A favorite among biking enthusiasts, the trail connects Loveland, Milford, Newtown, Miami Township, and Lebanon, offering a seemingly endless variety of routes.

Biking Trails in Cincinnati - Loveland Bike Trail

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

What makes Loveland Bike Trail so extraordinary, however, is how accessible it truly is. The trail itself is shaded and has two lanes. It’s mostly flat and quite wide, which makes this bike path open to little riders and experienced cyclists. For families, going on a weekday afternoon is the prime time to visit, as the trail tends to be quieter and less crowded. The linear nature of the trail means you can easily plan out whatever out-and-back ride works best for your family, which you can do ahead of time via the map here.

My kids literally learned how to ride a bike at Loveland Bike Trail; whenever we visit, they marvel at just how far they’ve come over the last few years. Riding a bike really is an empowering experience, and my kids’ sense of accomplishment when tackling this iconic trail is inspiring.

Biking in Cincinnati - Loveland Bike Trails

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

As we enter warmer months and longer days, you may be looking for ways to mix up the standard routine. The Loveland Bike Trail isn’t a flashy attraction; its beauty really lies in its simplicity. It’s a place for families to be active and connect; a good, old-fashioned, screen-free adventure.

There are many access points to the Loveland Bike Trail, but by far, the most delightful is Downtown Loveland. We park on Railroad Avenue, a quaint little street that has bike rentals and a Hawaiian Ice shack that makes for a wonderful end-of-ride incentive!

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