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Eliminate the middle man and get produce direct from these farmers.

As a member of a CSA (community supported agriculture), you are buying directly from the farmer. Here’s how it works: Farmers offer a number of shares to the public. Your share pays for a season of produce (or meats, dairy products, flowers, etc.), and in return you receive a box of food weekly or bi-weekly throughout the season, usually dropped off at central locations. For more information, contact each CSA directly.

Cedarmore Farm
12612 Turley Lane, Hillsboro,
What: Pasture-raised meats and eggs; organically grown produce; pies, jams, pickled veggies, maple syrup, and bread
Cost: 12-week summer share, $144; 10-week fall share, $140
Pick up: Ten locations including Batavia, Covington, and Oakley

Wild Holly Farm
6722 Edwardsville Rd., Blanchester, (937) 783-5105,
What: Organic and naturally produced eggs, berries, vegetables, and custom-grown items
Cost: $400 for 18 weeks, June through October
Pick Up: Contact the farm to find the location closest to you

Napoleon Ridge Farm & Nature Center
123 Napoleon Ridge Rd., Napoleon, Kentucky, (859) 643-3276,
What: Produce, jams, jellies, herbs, and flowers, May through October
Cost: Full share May through October, $500; half-share, $250
Pick Up: Bellevue and Clifton

Finn Meadows Farm
8100 Perin Rd., Montgomery, (812) 212-1196,
What: Vegetables, eggs, poultry, beef, honey, and flowers
Cost: Full share, $417; half-share: $217
Pick Up: On-site only

932 O’Bannonville Rd., Loveland,
What: Certified organic vegetables, May through October
Cost: $350 or $225 plus 25 hours of work
Pick-up: The Milk & Honey House at Grailville in Loveland

Goodlife Farm
2290 E. Lower Springboro Rd., Waynesville, (513) 897-3676,
What: Naturally grown vegetables, May through September
Cost: Full share, $440
Pick Up: Home delivery is available for residents in cities across the Southern Ohio Valley including Lebanon, Xenia, Springboro, West Chester, and southern Dayton.

Turner Farm
7400 Given Rd., Indian Hill, (513) 561-7400,
What: Variety of vegetables, enough to feed a family of four, May through October; a year-round chicken, pork, and sheep CSA; and a winter vegetable CSA
Cost: May–Oct full share, $475 plus a two-hour per week work requirement. Contact farm for cost of meat and winter veggies.
Pick Up: On-site only, Monday and Thursday

Mohr Animal Acres
3181 S US Highway 68, Urbana, (937) 484-5950,
What: Beef, poultry, lamb, goat, pork, trout from Freshwater Farms of Ohio, and eggs
Cost: Up to 20 pounds of meat for $145 per month; or as little as five pounds for $40. Two dozen eggs may be substituted per pound of meat.
Pick Up: Hyde Park and Wyoming

Highland Haven Farm
12221 Turley Lane, Hillsboro,
What: Raw milk, yogurt, and butter; herdshares are also available
Cost: Determined by what products you purchase, boarding fees (for herdshares), and the use of glass bottles
Pick Up: Weekly deliveries are shared with Cedarmore Farms (see above for locations)

Farm Gal Pals
10851 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Alexandria, (859) 445-5044
What: Produce, eggs, cheese, jams, and hand-crafted soaps, April through December.
Cost: You can join this CSA for as little as $200, or $400 for the year.
Pick-up: Alexandria or Bellevue farmers’ markets

The Eaton Farm
6880 N. Scott’s Ridge Rd., Madison, Indiana, (812) 839-6995
What: Fruits, vegetables, and pastured eggs, May through November
Cost: Full share, $650; half-share, $350
Pick Up: Sundays at the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market

Gravel Knolls
9424 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd., West Chester, (513) 652-7653,
What: Organic produce for a family of two June through September.
Cost: Full share, $425
Pick-Up: on-site only Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Stoney Hedgerow Farm
8783 Reeve Rd., Camden, (937) 452-7561
What: “Salad fixings” produce, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes, May through October
Cost: Full share, $650, plus 25 hours of labor per season (they are flexible with member’s needs and schedules).
Pick Up: On-site

Allways Farm Collective
50 W & Friendship Rd., Dillsboro, Indiana, (513) 479-7070
What: Seasonal produce March through November
Cost: Full share, $400; half-share: $250
Pick Up: On-site, Wednesdays at the Northside Farmers’ Market and Thursdays in Madison, Indiana

Bergefurds Farm Market and Greenhouses
234 State Route 350 West, Wilmington, (937) 383-2133,
What: Seasonal produce June through October
Cost: Full share, $550; half-share, $300
Pick-Up: Anderson Township, College Hill, Hyde Park, Landen Deerfield Farmers’ Market, and on-site

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