Five Easy Flowers to Grow in the Cincinnati Area


Some suggest a baby boom will result from this period of self-isolation, but a more immediate boom—especially with spring fully in bloom—is renewed interest in gardening. We spoke with Susan Rahn Patten, co-owner of A.J. Rahn Greenhouses, to get suggestions for five easy flowers to grow in this area.

Purple Angelonia

Photograph by chic2view/


“Their nickname is Summer Snapdragons, and I just adore them. They bloom their heads off, and tend to grow up and out and get very full. They’re really tolerant of the heat.”


“They’re kind of old-fashioned, but maybe that suits us here in Cincinnati. I never get tired of them. They have more of a structure and have more presence than a lot of other flowers.”


“They’ve been sort of unpopular for decades, because I think people got bored with them. But there are new varieties and colors now, and they’re easy to grow and can get very large.”


“The New Guinea variety we sell is very reliable, is pretty care-free, and flowers continuously. They work in part-sun areas, part-shade, really everywhere.”


“This grows for the colorful foliage, not blossoms. They’ll get green, pink, red, and even white leaves, but they need shade to succeed. A nice change of pace in any yard.”

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