Fairfield’s Lindenwald Station Is a Railroad Museum Posing as a Diner

Have your all-day breakfast while an electric train circles the dining room—and don’t sleep on the chicken noodle soup.

Photograph by Chris Von Holle

In the heart of downtown Fairfield, there’s a railroad museum posing as a diner. Even if you’re not a train aficionado, you’ll be fascinated by the memorabilia. There’s even an electric train that runs around the ceiling ledge. (Takes two and a half minutes. I timed it—me and every kid eating here.)

Photograph by Chris Von Holle

So you’re looking for breakfast? Maybe you start your day light with fresh fruit and a muffin. Or maybe you want a heapin’ breakfast of country fried steak and eggs, plus a side of biscuits drowning in the sausage gravy. Either way, you’re covered at the Station. I went down the middle and got the custard-dipped French toast because you just can’t resist anything called that on a menu.

At lunch or dinner, it’s sandwich city here—grilled ham and cheese, Philly steak, fish, or a Reuben. But I do need to point out the BLTasty Burger. It’s a third of a pound of Angus with cheese, lettuce, bacon, tomato, and ranch dressing. So what is that? Is it like a salad on a bun? Or a third of a cow? Whatever it is, I’m not complaining.

If you like soup, Lindenwald Station may have the best bowl of chicken noodle soup in the tri-state. I swear I found two noodles and a spoonful of broth among all the chicken, onions, carrots, and celery that filled up that bowl.

Like any good diner, the staff’s friendly. Humorously, somebody’s grandma wearing a Ramones T-shirt waited on me. Then I realized that only grandmas listen to the Ramones anymore. Huh.

Lindenwald Station Family Diner, 5072 Pleasant Ave., Fairfield, (513) 969-2202

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