Drink Champs: Switch Up Your Morning Routine With These Breakfast Sippers


Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Opt for something other than plain coffee or tea when you head out for your first (or second) meal of the day.

Cold-Pressed Juice

Each 8-ounce bottle at Maplewood Kitchen and Bar contains fruits and veggies squeezed in a hydraulic press for a higher concentration of the vitamins and minerals we need. Try them in four varieties: Super Greens (spinach, pineapple, romaine, kale, parsley, and celery), Sweet Greens (cucumber, green apple, pear, lemon, lime, spinach, celery, and kiwi), UpBeet (beets, lemons, green apples, carrots), or Sol Glo (oranges, carrots, pineapple, and ginger).

Bloody Mary

You could have a V8 or you could have a Bloody Mary. The city’s most ’roided-out version of this tomato juice–based drink can be found at Northside Yacht Club. The Yacht Club Bloody includes a house smoked pulled pork slider, Amish jumbo wing, and American hickory bacon.


If you want a little bubbly with your breakfast, HangOverEasy’s mimosas can make things interesting. With options like Aloha & Aloha (pineapple juice, coconut rum, champagne, and Maraschino cherries), Life’s Peachy (orange juice, schnapps, and champagne), and Air Mail (rum, lime, honey, and Champagne), you’ll have a tough time choosing your favorite. Runner up: Sugar n’ Spice’s pink lemonade mimosa.

Cold Brew Coffee

This coffee technique, which involves coffee grounds steeped in cool temperatures for a stronger shot of caffeine, is on deck at spots like Proud Hound, Taste of Belgium, and HangOverEasy. If you want to jazz it up with a little alcohol, check out Maplewood’s Horchata Cold Brew (cold brew coffee and spiced RumChata and Kahlúa liqueurs).

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