Designer Joe Henline Talks About Styling Himself for Reality TV

Designer Joe Henline talks about styling himself for reality TV, a minimalist aesthetic, and bold hairstyles.

Occupation: Designer, content creator
Style: Minimalist with extravagant hair

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Describe your job for me.

I don’t really fit into a category because I do so many things—one moment I’ll be designing a house, and the next I’m on a reality TV show entertaining people.

How does your personal style coincide with reality TV?

Working in television, especially my latest appearance on Disney Freeform’s Wrap Battle, has given me a whole new appreciation for styling. You have to pay attention to what looks good on camera, stay true to your brand, and also tell a story with what you’re wearing. I’ve learned that I just want to entertain people and bring a smile to their face. Sometimes my hair or my outfit can play an important role in that.

What was it like to compete on a reality TV show?

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

For Wrap Battle, it was like stepping into a new world where each day was a wild adventure. We were completely responsible for creating our outfit looks. We had fun with it, but they were long, very active days, so it was important to be comfortable and functional.

What kind of design projects do you typically take on?

I design in a number of ways, whether it’s through DIY projects on YouTube or interior design projects. My aesthetic is along the lines of industrial, modern, and minimal. I’ve always been a fan of rustic and vintage textures—something that, you know, has a story because it’s had such a long life. I don’t feel like there’s just one style; it’s about embracing the diversity of each space and making it unique.

You also have a unique hairstyle. Any advice for those who hesitate to try something bold with their hair?

It’s all about what makes you feel alive and special. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and have fun with it. Just create—don’t feel like you have to copy someone else, but be willing to adapt something that inspires you.

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